Confirmation 2018

Congratulations to Jared, Hudson, Kaelyn, Chloe, Pierre, Gabriel, and Abigail! It was a wonderful celebration and the kids and the parents worked hard to be ready for this day.

The kids were so excited that when I was reading the Gospel words “Peace be with you,” the kids yelled out “and with your spirit!”

The Bishop asked them questions about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They got most of the answers. One of the kids said forgiveness because in the Gospel Jesus gives the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of sins.

Confirmation & First Communion



It’s that time of year again! School is beginning and you are trying to remember all that you have to register your children for. Is your child in grade 2 or older and hasn’t received First Communion or Confirmation yet? Now is your chance! Classes will begin after harvest. The celebration with the Bishop will be in Carrot River this year, May 2018.

To register call me at the rectory 306-767-2458 or email me at

See you soon!

Fr. Travis Myrheim