Priestly ordination


The following is written by Fr. Jim Kaptein

As you may have already heard, Barry Tkachuk will be ordained in Sacred Heart Cathedral on June 28, at 7:00pm. As a way of showing our solidarity with him we are asking all parishes to provide a spiritual bouquet. 


I would ask all the priests to bring the Spiritual Bouquet to the Priests’ Anniversary celebration on June 20th.  


Please use one of the following announcements to promote the Spiritual Bouquet.

People often ask, what does a new priest need the most? Invariably, the answer is: Money, Books, Vestments or one of the latest electronic gadgets. But what he really needs is prayer – for it is the prayer of the people that will sustain him throughout his priesthood. To this end, we are asking every parish to create a spiritual bouquet that can be part of an offering to Barry at his Ordination. 


Some may be asking, “What is a Spiritual Bouquet?” Spiritual Bouquets are prayers or devotional acts that someone (the giver) has or will offer for someone else (the recipient). The idea is that each prayer is like a flower, and combined prayers are a bouquet offered to the individual. It can be given from an individual or a parish to express joy and/or best wishes. The Vocations Commission suggests that a large card be made from heavy paper, perhaps with a bouquet of flowers on it, with perhaps a scripture verse. Along the sides should be the signatures of those pledging, along with the action they are pledging: be it a Rosary, Holy Hour, Days of Fasting, Act of Charity, Special Novenas, or any other spiritual action. It is our hope that Barry will keep these bouquets close to his heart for the rest of his life. 

Diocesan Pastoral Council

Hi all,

Here is the registration form and timetable for the Diocesan Pastoral Council in October. The registration deadline is October 19. It is not a traditional meeting this year, but “Congress” style, which means you get to sign up for the breakout sessions that interest you. What a great idea hey?!?

This is not strictly for parish or finance councils but for anyone interested in parish renewal and how the larger diocesan church can aid us in that. In fact I would go so far as to say that our church councils are already overworked and so it would be nice to have non-council members attend as a way of learning more tools for parish renewal.

Please let me know if you are interested or want more information!

God bless and thanks in advance!