Advent Penitential services

A short service followed by individual reconciliation. Confessions in Carrot River will be preceded by Mass at 7.

Confession/Reconciliation is a great way to prepare our hearts, minds, and souls, to truly welcome the Christ child at Christmas. Clean out the mess and make room for Christ to dwell within us. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Homily October 21 2018


Listen to my homily for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary time – What’s in it for me?

Challenge of the week – Doing something this week for God or neighbour without expecting a reward, or a thank you, or even any acknowledgement.

No, we don’t get rewarded for coming to church, but it’s still nice to have dessert after Mass 🙂

Diocesan Pastoral Council

Hi all,

Here is the registration form and timetable for the Diocesan Pastoral Council in October. The registration deadline is October 19. It is not a traditional meeting this year, but “Congress” style, which means you get to sign up for the breakout sessions that interest you. What a great idea hey?!?

This is not strictly for parish or finance councils but for anyone interested in parish renewal and how the larger diocesan church can aid us in that. In fact I would go so far as to say that our church councils are already overworked and so it would be nice to have non-council members attend as a way of learning more tools for parish renewal.

Please let me know if you are interested or want more information!

God bless and thanks in advance!