Bulletin and Schedule 31st week ordinary time

Blessing of Cemeteries on Sunday, November 7, 2021
The beauty of a cemetery in November.
It seems people have always thought of the cemetery as simply a sad place of death. When we see friends or relatives off to their resting place, the cemetery is always full of mourning. That land welcomes the deceased, but there are tears soaked into its dust and many sad stories around it. However, because of our belief in the Risen One, a cemetery is always filled with hope and beauty. This holy ground – where so many Christians come to pray for the faithful departed every year in November is sacred. We pray for our ancestors, relatives, and friends and express our gratitude for what they have done for us. The beauty of November is a time for human beings to express love for each other – not only by praying for the dead but also by expressing our solidarity with the living. We realize that we are all fragile, and that we are on a journey back to God and that, someday, we too will die and leave this earth. Take advantage of this precious time during the month of November remembering the beauty of Heaven and the glory of having a merciful God.
As has been the custom for several years now, we will gather at our local cemeteries to pray for our deceased loved ones. Please join us on Sunday, November 7 at the following cemeteries:
2:00pm Carrot River Town Cemetery
2:15pm Carrot River Pinegrove Memorial Gardens 2:45pm St. Lucy Cemetery Arborfield
3:15pm Zenon Park Cemetery

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