Career Fair 2017

Career Fair 2017 – by Fr. Jim Kaptein

What does ICHTHUS mean? This was a question I asked over 200 times at a Career Fair in Prince Albert. For those of you who do not know, Ichthus is a Greek word meaning fish. However it is also an acronym for Iēsous CHristos THeou Uios Sōtēr meaning Jesus Christ Son of God Savior. Needless to say there were not many students who knew that. But because we had a few pictures of fish on our display board, they were able to surmise it meant fish. We had small plastic key chains in the shape of a stylized fish, and some recognized them as “The Jesus Fish” but when we told them why it is the Jesus fish—that it is an acronym for “Jesus Christ Son of God Savior” they were absolutely spellbound and enthralled.
This lead to the conversation about why we are present at a Career Fair, and about God calling us to a special Vocation, and how, if we want to be truly happy, we need to respond to that call. When I told them that all the other booths at the career fair could help them get a career, but only by heeding the vocation God is calling us to, could you be truly happy; the students were completely hooked. I have to give the students a lot of credit, all but one student chose happiness over riches, and the one exception wanted both.
I want to thank Fr. Travis Myrheim, and Bev Robin, both members of the Vocations commission, for helping set up, take down, and talking to 550 of the 2,900 students who came to the career fair. I cannot guarantee that we will have 550 new priests and sisters in 10 years, but I can guarantee that there are 550 students who know that they are being called by Jesus in a special way. Let us all pray that the seed of this vocation will grow in each of them.

Download the full Vocations Newsletter Vocations Newsletter Fall 2017


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