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NOTE: The Saturday evening Mass in Carrot River will be at 5pm! Thanks!

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Funeral workshop

Are funerals important? The funeral has been an important way for families to say goodbye to a loved one, and for the parish community to support a grieving family. In the Catholic tradition, it is also very important to pray for and offer Mass for the souls of the deceased. Yet many families it seems are choosing not to have funerals. The diocese has created pamphlets to learn more about funeral planning. All are invited to a funeral planning workshop at Our Lady of Consolation Parish Melfort, Wednesday, March 7, from 1-2:30 to learn more about the importance of funerals and how we can plan them and help others to choose a Catholic funeral. We will also have a time for questions. 

To read the pamphlets ahead of time you can go to the Diocesan website

or download them:


The importance of planning funerals